BluePhoenix Solutions:  Modernization for COBOL, CA GEN, NATURAL/ADABAS and more.

About BluePhoenix
BluePhoenix is a modernization lifecycle company.  Our platform reduces risk and solves business problems throughout the legacy transition process.  We empower customers to move at their own pace while reducing risk and cost each step of the way.  Our intelligent and automated technology make BluePhoenix the safest choice for moving legacy technology forward.  Visit us online at:

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Who This Is For
This offer is for companies looking to reduce cost around mainframe processing and/or expose legacy data to modern analytics and BI tools.  Our technology duplicates the mainframe environment on the target platform, complete with 100% like-for-like functionality, business rules and display.  The target environment can be a private cloud- or your choice of Microsoft Azure or Amazon EC2.  The following mainframe environments are eligible:

  • CA GEN
  • Natural/ADABAS

How It Works
We will provide a complimentary automated assessment of the legacy environment to identify the most appropriate applications for this service.  Then, we'll confirm the desired target platform and develop an execution roadmap based on our proven service delivery methodology.

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